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Binary Options Automatic Bot Trading

🕒 15 mins read

Traders with busy schedules can easily take advantage of an automated binary bot for daily trading. Binary bots enable the automatic execution of binary options trades. While not all brokers support this advanced mechanism, but Deriv/ allows you to create trading robots that execute on your behalf. Deriv allows the flexibility to use custom or commercial trading robots linked to their accounts.

Deriv Binary Options trading robot
Deriv Binary Options Trading Robots

To initiate, access the DBot section from the top menu.

DBot Dashboard

The DBot dashboard encompasses an algorithmic or logic area designed for automated trading in block format. The file format is XML, allowing the upload of personalized auto-trading scripts into the Deriv DBot section.

Once the logic is configured, the bot can be activated. The auto-trading status is displayed on the dashboard’s right side, and resetting the trading status is possible.

binary bot deriv bot dashboard
Deriv DBot: Dashboard for binary options auto trade.

Bot Logic Block menu

Configure trading logic through the block menu options by clicking ‘Getting Started’.

The menu offers numerous category-wise options, including the incorporation of indicators and mathematical formulas.

Binary options bot design
Deriv Dbot: Binary options robot design

Selecting the Quick Strategy button reveals the preset strategies section, allowing you to choose a starting point.

binary options bot auto trading strategies
Deriv Dbot: Binary Options Auto Trading Strategies

Here you can select on which currency or indices, auto trading will run. Trade type, duration, maximum profit, maximum losses, and stake size can be chosen from the menu with any selected strategies.
By default,

  • Martingale
  • D’Alembert
  • Oscar’s Grind

Strategies are available. You are free to fully customize it.

Running the Bot

Once you click on the Run button for the bot, it will automatically start trading with the selected parameters from the trade logic block as displayed on the left side.

binary options Deriv bot auto trading example
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading example 1

Here is another example, look at the trade status. It shows the overall profit or loss per bot run.

Binary options bot auto robot trading example 2
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading robot example 2

Now, displaying the ultimate result from the report section.

Binary options bot auto trading profits
Deriv Dbot: Binary options auto trading profits
Does It Require a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Yes, a VPS is necessary since Dbot operates within the browser. To execute strategies while sleeping, the browser must remain open, making VPS essential.

Will the Robot Continue After User Logout?

Yes, trades continue even after logout, as they are executed through the client’s API token. Trading persists until the client’s account balance reaches zero. No concern for client login or logout. Trade cessation occurs only if client access is revoked. VPS is not required.

Risk Factor: Money Management:

This robot system operates on’s hosted VPS. Prior to logging out, ensure proper risk measurement for robot trading is established. Failure to do so might result in an account devoid of funds upon login due to overtrading. Exercise caution, integrating filters into trading logic to prevent overtrading.

Before implementing, test your custom-designed strategy on a demo account. This protects your account funds in case of unexpected issues. Run a few sessions to gauge its performance.

deriv cryptocurrency trading free trading ebook download



15 chapters to begin with



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Adeosun Ibrahim
Adeosun Ibrahim
5 years ago

Hello,I’m a trader and I use a bot to trade but I need to connect my API token and bot to the server for 24/7 trading but I don’t know how.I’ve registered my bot as required but I don’t know how to connect it.Pls help.Thanks

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